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Our Journey ⭐

COEX is a tech startup founded by Pehsern and Demi. We met each other in the Antler residency program in Oct 2023. The meeting of these two visionary minds sparked a collaborative journey towards innovation and entrepreneurship. ✨

We are drawn together by our shared passion for technology and problem-solving, we quickly recognised the potential synergy between our skill sets, aspirations and chemistry. We then proceeded to form a team and hence the birth of COEX.

Fuelled by a shared vision to revolutionise and disrupt the construction industry using technology, COEX is a platform to streamline the processes in the construction industry.

How was this idea formed? 💡

It all started from trying to find a pain in the ass problem in the construction industry, we started talking to experts in the field to understand their daily operations. We then stumbled upon their common and recurring pain point — which is the cumbersome task of managing their daily claims and bills of quantities. This discovery marked a pivotal moment for us. Recognising the widespread need for a solution to streamline these processes, we were inspired to take action, and the rest is history.

And thus, the story of COEX began, driven by our commitment to solving real-world problems and making a lasting impact. 🚀

Demi Chu

Email: demi@coextech.io


Email: pehsern@coextech.io

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